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Pandemics: A history of disease

Follow along our history of disease as we navigate the fear, sickness, and chaos that was brought out with the infected. This exhibit features nine identified diseases in history where death and sickness overcame people.
Throughout history, disease has run through civilizations almost unchecked, leaving destruction and ruin in its wake. We have finally learned enough tools to start fighting back against it.
Starting from the early days of civilization, the Plagues. The Plague of Antonine, The Plague of Justinian, and the one best known one the Black Death.
Moving to diseases that have hit humanity hard throughout history, Measles and Smallpox. The Flu and Cholera began to devastate populations and have popped up randomly throughout the decades.
Polio was discovered in the late 1800s, early 1900s. By the later half of the 20th century diseases like Ebola (1976),and HIV/AIDS(1980s) devastated the population.
Now yet again we find ourselves in the midst of disease and pandemic with Covid-19.

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Plagues / Measles / Smallpox / Cholera / Flu / Polio / Ebola / HIV AIDS / Covid-19