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General Store Site 12294 Harris Road Pitt Meadows, B.C.

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Collections at the Hoffmann and Son Machine Site

The Hoffmann and Son site is a 1930's machine shop. It includes a working forge and a collection of restored stationary engines. The site was donated to the Museum in 1999 by the Hoffmann family, and opened to the public in 2001. The building is open to the public in the summer, and is available in the winter by booking in advance.

For more information about the site, hours, tours, and volunteering, please contact the Museum.

If you would like to learn more about the Hoffman and Son site, please take a look at the online exhibit: One Man's Passion: Hans Hoffmann's Engines.

Blacksmithing at the Pitt Meadows Museum 

The Pitt Meadows Museum has 2 resident Blacksmiths, Jordan Turner and Daniel Pearson who use the forge equipment during public events and open times throughout the year. We are equally supported by Master Smiths John Adolph and Jeff Chenette, who have helped with training and supplies over the years.