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General Store Site 12294 Harris Road Pitt Meadows, B.C.

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Hands On

The Pitt Meadows Museum holds several hundred items in our "Hands On" collection. This collection is available to the public to use while at the Museum. Within this collection are objects and tools like cooking implements, scrub boards, wringers, bit, brace, hand drills, stove, hair curlers, clothing irons and much more. The Museum also has other items such as phonographs, various slate records, scales, toys, games, sewing machines and typewriters.

Drop by some time to test, touch and hold history in your hands!  

Discovery boxes

The Pitt Meadows Museum has hands on activities at both the General Store and the Hoffman and Son site. At the General Store site there are discovery boxes filled with artifacts, items, historical information and activities with specific themes pertaining to Pitt Meadows history and children's activities. 

Examples of Discovery Boxes in the collection are: 

Prattle about Cattle 

Hailing from Holland