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Museum Sundays

A weekly program where a new kit debuts every Sunday. These kits are available to anyone and everyone and come with a mini-book from our galleries, a brochure, sticker, instruction sheet, and all the material needed to make the craft (with the exception of what we deem to be basic supplies - scissors, glue, markers). Every Sunday we put out the newest kit and will have them in the main gallery during our open hours until we run out. These kits are available with a minimum $2.00 donation. 

September Museum Sundays "Summer Leftovers"

This month we're planning so many fun activities for you at the Museum for the fall and winter that we don't have enough time to make any new kits! We have lots left over from the summer though, so drop by during our open hours to find your next kit! There's a lot to choose from including our extra Heritage Thursday kits, rock creatures, pom-pom animals and more! We will keep adding as they get taken so there's always a kit to grab!


Fall Museum Sundays "Fall Favourites"

This season we're bringing back some classic fall favourites. Grab a comfy sweater, a blanket, and a good book, and get cozy this season. We're ready for you to take your craft kits home for some fun when the days get a little too rainy. 

October 1st - Culture Days Event for more information click here

October 8th - Closed for Thanksgiving

October 15th Culture Days Events continue

October 22nd - Pumpkin Tea Lights - A fun Jack O'Lantern without the mess. Grab a kit to make a small clay Jack O'Lantern and use a little tea light to make a fun spooky display!

October 29th - Museum After Dark for more information click here

November 5th - Gnome in Your Home - Let this little friend come home with you! Create a little Gnome to hide in the garden, or under the bed to add some magic into your day!

November 12th - Wooden Animal Heads - Make a little wooden round come to life with some paint, paper, and a little bit of effort. You can make animal heads of Fawns, Bears or Foxes with this kit!

November 19thYarn Dolls - A classic. This craft has you creating little Yarn Dolls and adding some fun decorations to really make them your own. 


Follow our Facebook page for more details and any upcoming announcements.