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Museum Sundays

A weekly program where a new kit debuts every Sunday. These kits are available to anyone and everyone and come with a mini-book from our galleries, sticker, instruction sheet, and all the material needed to make the craft (with the exception of what we deem to be basic supplies - scissors, glue, markers). Every Sunday we put out the newest kit and will have them in the main gallery during our open hours until we run out. These kits are available with a minimum $2.00 donation. 

July Museum Sundays “Musical Moments”
Ta-Dum-Tish! We’re ready to bring the musical instruments to the party, they just need a little bit of help before they’re ready. This month, it’s all about creating your own little instruments and joining the band.

July 7thPopsicle Stick Harmonica – A super simple craft, but the results are buzzing! Get ready for your solo while creating a harmonica to get you tapping to the beat.
July 14thSpin Drum – A historical favourite, this drum will get you in rhythm. Tap-tap-tap, this kit has everything you need to be a great percussionist!
July 21stBell Tambourine – Is staying in the beat not the easiest thing to do? How about an instrument that lets you be loud? This instrument is perfect for that! Bells that you can clang about to create your special music.
July 28thRainstick – Another historical favourite. Can you hear that? The rain? No wait, it’s your newest kit that gets you creating the last instrument in this band!

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