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Museum Sundays

A weekly program where a new kit debuts every Sunday. These kits are available to anyone and everyone and come with a mini-book from our galleries, sticker, instruction sheet, and all the material needed to make the craft (with the exception of what we deem to be basic supplies - scissors, glue, markers). Every Sunday we put out the newest kit and will have them in the main gallery during our open hours until we run out. These kits are available with a minimum $2.00 donation. 

June Museum Sundays “Summer Fun”
This month we’re getting ready to welcome back the summer time. Days are getting warmer, the sun is sticking around, and we’re ready to bring that creative spirit into our kits this month! We’ve brought back a lot of our fun classic Museum Sundays this month, for a reason, they’re all super fun!
June 9thPainted Pots – Another classic, back for another round. This craft has you paint a little pot to give your new plant friend a fun home! Best part is that you can enjoy this craft soon, as it’s the perfect time to plant something green!

June 16thCatapults – Yet again, it’s back and it’s hitting its target! This craft kit will have you making your own little popsicle stick catapult. Compete with your friends to see you can launch the projectiles the furthest!

June 23rdShrinky Dink Keychains – This fun craft will make you understand why people love retro crafts. We’ve brought back our favourite shrinky dinks, and this time we’re making keychains!

June 30thClay Fish – Beware with this little critter in the waters. This clay fish is ready to take to the waves this summer, a super easy clay craft that will have you creating a little fishy friend.

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