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Home for the Holidays,

Home for the Holidays

We’ve landed into the holidays here at the Pitt Meadows Museum! We’re excited to be welcoming back new and old traditions alike and we cannot wait to share them all with you! Our covid requirements are at the bottom of this post.
As always Museum Sundays are back for the Holidays with some old favourites! The kits will be available starting that Sunday, with a small table set up from 1 to 3 P.M. for those wanting to do the craft at the museum. If you don’t feel comfortable all the crafts will be available as little kits to take home! Any leftover kits will be available for anyone during our regular open hours until we run out. These kits are available just by donation.
November 21st – Putz Houses and Deck the Halls! The Museum is finally returning to Deck the Halls! The Christmas season starts here for us (officially). We will be having small goodies in the museum for any holiday craving person to come and enjoy as we all help Deck the Halls of the museum! The craft kit this week is a Putz House, which were originally a German word “Putzen” which means to clean or decorate. Although now more of a non-denominational decoration, originally these little houses were put around the nativity scene in the early 1900s.
November 28th - O’ Christmas Tree! Another holiday favourite! We’re bringing back our little Christmas trees, you get to decorate and paint a little tree for the holiday. This is another German tradition of decorating Christmas trees that was adopted by Queen Victoria and brought into English homes. These little trees are great to bring a little bit of holiday joy into your hands.
December 5th – Gingerbread! Although this delicious treat isn’t going to be the edible kind, we think that you will like being able to create pieces that you can enjoy for years to come! Tie a string on your creation to make it an ornament for the tree!
December 12th – An old Christmas Card! Another yearly favourite, we’re dusting off our glitter and getting ready to bling out some Victorian Christmas cards! This simple craft looks so extravagant and makes a great card to give to any loved one.
December 19th – Christmas leftovers! As with any great holiday, the leftovers can sometimes be some of the best! This Sunday, all of the previous leftover Sundays will be up for grabs (assuming we have any left!). Grab one to tide you over during our holiday closure!


Inside the Museum things are starting to look festive. Starting with our Deck the Halls program on November 21st, we go full swing into the holiday spirit. During our open hours we will be offering a Christmas look and find and some small traditional Christmas items (like pomander and popcorn stringing) for you to take part in. Come inside and enjoy the Museum in all its Christmas splendour!
If you want to read about some of our historical Christmas traditions, we encourage you to check out our Twelve Days of Christmas posts from last year, click here to read Day one! 
If you are looking for a gift for a loved one and want to support the Museum, we sell the "Historical Story of Pitt Meadows" by Edith McDermott for $10.00 (Cash only as we are still in the dark ages). This is perfect to learn more about our little city, and to give as a small token of appreciation to your loved ones!
Outside the Museum there are a lot of other holiday events that take place! For a complete list, click here to see the Cities offerings! 
The City is bringing back the favourite Christmas in Pitt Meadows! Taking place on December 3rd from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M., this free event takes place outside in Spirit Square. There will be food trucks, coffee and hot chocolate, the Lions club will be selling hot dogs, the tree lighting, road hockey, musical entertainment, and the holiday train! This event can’t be missed and promises to be loads of holiday fun!
Christmas at the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery is already happening! The art gallery is filled to the brim with beautiful local goods and art pieces ready for you. Drop on by during their open hours to see what they are offering. For more information visit the cities website (linked above).
One of the prettiest sights there ever was has to be twinkling Christmas lights and Pitt Meadows doesn’t disappoint! Check out the map that will be posted to the cities website to do the Holiday Lights Tour in Pitt Meadows, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!
There is a Winter Wonderland Skate happening at the Pitt Meadows Arena on December 22nd and 23rd (Wednesday and Thursday) for a fee of $2.00 and regular rental rates. Come out and enjoy the festive atmosphere!
Happy Holidays from all of us at the Pitt Meadows Museum and Archives!
*Although the Museum does not require a vaccine passport to gain access to our building, we do contact trace at the door and masks are required during your visit. If you do not feel comfortable during your visit, we encourage you to come back another day (Sundays are the busiest day, but Wednesday and Thursday mornings tend to be quieter) if you are able to. We try our best to keep our covid requirements updated and posted on our website (which you can find by clicking here),but if you have any questions or concerns contact us. As it is always changing, listen to staff covid requirements that they will tell you during your visit.