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Covid Protocols Update November 2021,

Covid Protocols Update November 2021

It is important to note that this can change at any time based on provincial and City health regulations and we apologize for any inconvenience.
Our covid policies are changing, these will be added to our other Covid Protocols. We will be requiring the following for visitors at the Museum:
·Contact Tracing – we are asking visitors questions when they arrive at the museum and asking for contact information for each bubble group.
·Masks – Must be worn as per public health regulations
·Hand Sanitizing – visitors are being asked to sanitize on entrance and before touching any hands-on items
·Social Distancing and one way traffic – When there is more than one group in the museum, it is important to keep socially distant and follow the arrows on the floor.
·Limited guests at one time – We are limiting the number of visitors in our galleries; we ask that if we have hit the maximum number of visitors that you wait outside until we allow you to come inside
During your visit to the museum:
When you arrive the museum staff will ask you information for contact tracing (phone number, email, or address),and ask you health questions to determine whether or not you are able to visit the museum at that given time. We ask that you use the hand sanitizer that we have at the front of the building before you enter. Once you have answered all our questions you can wander the museum by following the pathways we have marked along our floors. We ask that visitors do not touch anything, and we have done our best to remove all hands-on items from our galleries.
We are also only allowing a limited number of visitors in our buildings at one time. We have created lines/circles outside of our sites to allow lineups if needed.
There will be no public washrooms at this time, no exceptions. The upstairs of the museum as well as the staff kitchen will be roped off to prevent guests from wandering into off limit areas.

Please follow the arrows and signage while you are in the museum and keep a minimum 2 metre distance from other guests.
We are now requiring the use of face masks within the building. We are offering disposable masks for visitors who want them for a $2.00 donation. We ask that guests use the front doors of both sites to go into and out of the buildings (both sites front doors open onto Harris Road). Door handles will be sanitized as much as needed, and between each staff members use.
There will be signage regarding all the above-mentioned measures.
What staff are doing to keep you safe:
We are sanitizing any touch points in the museum after every guest. We are hand washing and sanitizing as needed (for example: after touching anything, before dealing with guests). The staff will be wearing face masks when dealing with the public. There will be more cleaning in place as we see fit to keep the guests and staff safe. 
The staff have received separate protocols regarding keeping our working space safe during Covid-19 and cleaning procedures for high contact points for staff (i.e. the washroom).
Should you have any concerns regarding our Covid-19 protocols, we encourage you to email us at the museum or ask any staff during your visit.
Staff, volunteer, and visitor safety are of the utmost importance. Please be patient with us as we trying to navigate these new rules and regulations.