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New to us: The Blaney Family Photos,

New to us: The Blaney Family Photos

In between helping out for Heritage Thursdays and creating our new mini book “Hatty-Birthday” I have been working on the Blaney Family photo album donation. These three photo albums were donated to the Pitt Meadows Museum to be scanned and documented helping preserve them and their historic significance to Pitt Meadows. There were some glitches along the way which involved losing a few hundred accession numbers in our older, usually very reliable database Paradox. After this devastating discovery our museum Curator Leslie Norman moved all of the data and records from Paradox to the newer and more reliable program Access. Since then records have not been disappearing on me and I am on my way to completing the descriptions of the 1089 family photographs. This was a really great collection to work on giving me a peek into the past of what it was like to grow up and live in this area. Thank you Blaney family for sharing these wonderful memories with us! I’ve chosen a few of my favorites to share, enjoy.

~ Jessica Rhodes