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Heritage Tree Project,

Heritage Tree Project

As the Harris Road underpass comes closer to reality, staff and volunteers at the Pitt Meadows Museum are making plans on how to minimize the impact of a move of our sites and the associated destruction of our land close to Harris Road. Towards that end, the Museum’s volunteer gardeners, Gerri and Kathy, have come up with the plan of crowd sourcing other volunteers who will help us grow new trees to replace two heritage trees that are likely too close to Harris Road to survive. 

First up is the old apple tree that sits off the south west corner of the General Store site of the Museum. We are pretty sure this tree is approaching 100 years old as we have seen it in images of the site from as early as 1921 (included in the gallery below are pictures of the tree from 1920s to 1997). The tree is lovely to look at, provides wonderful shade, and produces hundreds of apples each year. The apples are not much to write home about as they are small, light green, thinned skinned, bruise very easily, and go brown immediately upon being cut. But they taste pretty good and were a favorite treat for some local horses whose owner used to come by to collect the one that fell on the sidewalk and into Harris Road.

You can help us preserve this tree by dropping by the Museum, taking away about 10 apples and a how to sheet to help you retrieve, germinate and plant the seeds. Once you have a seedling(s) you would nurture them until the underpass is built and then would bring them to the new Museum site where we will be establishing a new small garden area.

Later on we will also start the more complicated project of growing walnut trees from the nuts that fall from the tree located at the north east corner of the Hoffmann and Son site.

More information and apples are ready now and by late fall we should have some viable walnuts as well. You can get your supplies by visiting the Museum’s General store site or by emailing or phoning us to let us know you want to participate in Project Grow a Heritage Tree. We are at 12294 Harris Road and can also be reached at 604-465-4322 or at