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Heritage Thursdays 2024,

Heritage Thursdays 2024

Heritage Thursdays is a classic annual program here at the Museum having started in 1996! The Museum's first curator saw the need to bring more child and family programs to what was then the small, semi-isolated museum building.  It has run every year since save for 2020 due to the pandemic.  Even then, we were able to post idea sessions online.  In 1996 there was not a lot of summer children's programming in this community and now there is a lot of competition, but we hold our own by offering outdoor heritage and nature-based programming running from cultures to science to the arts and, of course, this year - The Great Outdoors.
It’s a great way for us to show the community a little piece of the history here while letting kids have fun while learning. The program is a great opportunity for our summer students to learn how to run a program like this with planning, advertising, supplying, and running the sessions. There is something so magical about seeing the program go from its planning phase to a session that kids attend, and all the hard work that goes into it. Every year is different, which makes it fun and fresh as we never know what the summer will bring.
Heritage Thursdays is a weekly Thursday afternoon children's program that operates in the summer. Each year the program is based on a popular or pertinent theme.  The theme this year is "The Great Outdoors".
July 11thSingin’ in the Rain – This session is FULL. This week is all about weather! We’re doing crafts and activities that will have you learning all about the water cycle and weather patterns.
July 18thHold back the River – We’re ready to explore the Fraser and Pitt Rivers today! We’re learning all about rivers, fish, and boats, get ready to go on a wild adventure.
July 25thI will Survive!This session is FULL. It’s time to learn how to Survive! This week we’re learning about camping and everything you can do to be prepared to be in the Great Outdoors! It’s time to be an adventurer, just don’t forget to pack supplies!
August 1stThe Bug CollectorThis session is FULL! We’re all about creepy crawlies this week, and we’re bringing you a closer look at bugs! We’re looking at all of the bugs we have on display, having some fun with bees and talking about pollinators.
August 8th The Bird and the Worm – It’s all about the animals this week! We’re ready to welcome all our furry and feathered friends into this session. Get ready to talk about all the animals that are local to Pitt Meadows and learn more about them.
August 15th Talking to my Plants – We’re hoping after this session you will all have a green thumb. We’re bringing plants home to you this week, and hoping that you can learn more about our leafy friends.
Heritage Thursdays afternoons run from 1:00 - 3:00 PM during the summer with a fee of $5 per child, ages 5-12. Each session will have a craft, activity, and snack. For more information or to register please contact the museum at 604-465-4322, or by email at
Heritage Thursdays 2024