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Heritage Thursdays 2023,

Heritage Thursdays 2023

Heritage Thursdays 2023
This year's Heritage Thursday theme was “In the Name of Science” and our goal was to bring S.T.E.M. to the kids (while still adding the history we all know and love). We covered several different scientists and types of science this year.
The sessions were:
Nye – This session was inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy. We did tie dye and made slime this session.
Carter – This session was all about Howard Carter the man who helped discover King Tuts lost tomb! We made wrapped mummies, sarcophagus coffins, papyrus name tags, and scarab beetle necklaces.
Cuvier – This session was all about Georges Cuvier, the father of paleontology! This week was all about dinosaurs and the kids got to go out and find our dinosaur eggs and discover the surprises that waited inside. They painted little dinosaur models, coloured dinosaur stickers and made fossils. It was a fun Jurassic session.
Kamookak – This session was all about Inuit Historian Louie Kamookak, a man who helped rediscover the lost Franklin expedition (HMS Terror and Erebus). The kids got to do a fun scavenger hunt with puzzles and games, and then make their own ship in a bottle. The session ended with us making snow.
Da Vinci – This session was all about the Renaissance Man himself, Leonardo Da Vinci! This week we made lots of inventions inspired by him including catapults, parachutes, animatrons, and paper airplanes! This week inspired the inner inventor in all of us.
Bondar – This session was all about Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar! This week we embraced our inner astronauts and made straw rockets, film canister rockets, tea-light planets, and pom-pom aliens. It was out of this world!
Suzuki – This session was all about Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki! The kids got to enjoy their inner animal and make animal-themed crafts while learning about environments and animal biomes. The kids made paper birds, animal biomes and beaded lizards.
This year's Heritage Thursdays were a fun eclectic mix of science and laughter. The kids had such a fun time bringing out their inner artists and scientists while hopefully learning a thing or two about the scientific minds we were inspired by this year. With such a large variety of scientists, it was a very full and interesting summer. We hope that everyone was inspired to learn more about science and the people behind it.
Thank you to everyone who attended this year's session, you helped make this year one of our busiest years in a while. Now to start planning for next year!