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Covid Protocols Update September 2021,

Covid Protocols Update September 2021

It is important to note that this can change at any time based on provincial and City health regulations and we apologize for any inconvenience.
Our covid policies are changing, these will be added to our other Covid Protocols. As of September 13th, we will be requiring the following for visitors at the Museum:
·Contact Tracing – we are asking visitors questions when they arrive at the museum and asking for contact information for each bubble group.
·Masks – Must be worn as per public health regulations
·Hand Sanitizing – visitors are being asked to sanitize on entrance and before touching any hands-on items
·Social Distancing and one way traffic – When there is more than one group in the museum, it is important to keep socially distant and follow the arrows on the floor.
·Limited guests at one time – We are limiting the number of visitors in our galleries; we ask that if we have hit the maximum number of visitors that you wait outside until we allow you to come inside
·Vaccine passports
For Vaccine passports they will at the current time only be used for anyone attending programming (Museum Sunday and Museum After Dark). Until September 26th you can show your vaccine card in lieu of the passport. Once staff have scanned your QR code you will be required to show photo Id to confirm your identity. Until October 24th those 12 and older must provide proof of at least a single dose of a Health Canada approved vaccine given at least 7 days prior to their visit to the Museum. After October 24th you will have to prove that you have had two vaccines. These rules will be in place until at least January 31, 2022 and will be re-evaluated in the new year.
Visitors from outside of BC can use the QR code they have received from the Government of Canada. From other provinces without Passports, we have no current information regarding this however we may be allowed to accept an officially recognized vaccine record.
Museum Sundays will begin again on September 26th. Children younger than 12 do not need a vaccine passport but accompanying youth older than 12 and adults need to show one. There will be no group tables, and you will be working together in your bubble. There will be three tables set up for three bubble groups at one time on Sundays. There will be no more than 10 participants at one time each Sunday. We still do not have a public washroom for visitors, and only staff and volunteers are allowed upstairs.
These rules and subject to change as we hear more from provincial and federal guidelines.
Staff, volunteer, and visitor safety are of the utmost importance. Please be patient with us as we trying to navigate these new rules and regulations. If you are not comfortable with these new rules, then we encourage you to either wait until the regulations lessen again or visit the museum online.