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Assisting and Creating with Hollis,

Assisting and Creating with Hollis

Summer Student Hollis reflects on the time they spent at the Pitt Meadows Museum this summer.
My name is Hollis, I’m going into grade 12 at Pitt Meadows Secondary in the fall. After graduation, I intend to pursue a career in chemistry. I came to work at the Pitt Meadows Museum because I’ve lived in Pitt Meadows for almost 15 years but I knew close to nothing about the history of this city. I came to the museum a few times and was enthralled by how interesting everything was and how well-documented every aspect of each artifact was. I saw an ad for the position and I couldn’t help myself to apply. I wanted to know more than what I could have learned by just visiting the museum.
My task this summer was to help complete tasks that had strict deadlines. For example, I worked heavily on crafts for Heritage Thursdays. I was given instructions and by the end of the day, everything that had been given to me was completed. This summer I was also tasked with cataloging and digitizing many paper documents such as magazines, advertisements, newsletters, and loose papers. I scanned 153 magazines this year and cataloged a lot more.
I worked a lot on Heritage Thursdays. Not as much as Keagan, she was the mastermind behind all the Heritage Thursdays crafts and activities, but I helped her set up a lot of the crafts. I made bases for pirate ship jars, over 40 pompoms, I used scissors regularly and I was always up to the task. On Heritage Thursdays, I was in charge of the games. After snacks, the kids would play a game of my choice, this year they especially liked Tag games. I have a lot of experience working with children, so I knew how to calm them down and what would get their attention. I loved working with them even if it tires me out for the day.
Working at the museum has been a wonderful experience. I’ve gotten very good at talking with strangers as when I’m on shift I’m tasked with greeting everyone that comes into the museum. Before I could barely speak up when talking to a cashier but now I’m confident and open to talking to anyone. Working at the museum has helped me immensely and I would work here again if given the chance next summer.